Thursday, November 5, 2009

And the award goes to . . .

Lately I've been 'woe is me'-ing a lot. It's not easy to be a working mom of a two-year old who thinks his way is the ONLY way and who will throw a fit just because I want to close the shower door while I'm shaving my legs. THANK. YOU.

And then it hit me: I am half of a duo. I am only ONE part of a TWO person equation. And then sadly, I realized I must remove my Super Mom cape and hand it directly to . . . . my sister.

My sister is a single mother to a beautiful, imaginative, creative, charming and sweet-loving little boy. She is the bread winner in her family. She is the mother, father, laundress, seamstress, waitress, cook, housekeepper and all-around handy person. She takes on the job and takes it on with a smile. I cannot remember hearing her complain about terrible-twos or how it would be nice to just have a moment of alone time. And when I realize this, it makes me feel completely selfish.

So, my award for Super Mom, Great Sisiter and just all-around Good Person goes to my sister. I love you, Ash.