Thursday, January 14, 2010

I was absolutely AMAZED at how many of you sent me messages on Facebook yesterday! Thanks for the support and for voicing your own struggles with weight and being healthy. We can do this together.

Last night dinner was relatively simple. I am not jumping feet first into eating 'blah diet food' because let's face it - who wants to eat that food and how does that help keep us motivated? We don't and it doesn't. Plain and simple.

I read everyone's replies to my question 'What's for dinner' and after hearing Annette's comment, I decided to break out the ole panini grill. This was our set-up:

We had smoked cajun turket, whole wheat bread (amazingly only 40 calories per slice, although we're not counting calories [it said it on the package]), sliced swiss and mozzarella cheeses, basil pesto, majo, carmalized onions and bacon. We are trying to cut back and eat healthier. The calorie counting, point counting, etc. will come after we learn portion control.

I ate a few fat free pretzels with my sandwich, and half a grapefruit left over from an earlier snack. I will say however I couldn't forgo my coke. I mean, honestly! Baby steps, people!

Here is what my finished panini looked like:

It was delicious! I put it on the smaller plate so that it would hopefully fool my mind into thinking it was more than if it had been on an actual dinner plate.

Tonight is aerobics. In an hour, acutally. I am looking forward to going to getting my hiney whipped again. It is just one step on a journey of many steps. But then again? How do you eat an elephant?



  1. wow!! that panini looks awesome!!! you are doing so well and i'm still wishing i could follow in your foot steps!!!! :)

  2. That panini looks amazing!