Tuesday, January 5, 2010

A Very {un}New Year's Resolution

I have started a revitalization process. I have become the mother that I never wanted to be. I have let myself go.

Forget makeup.

Forget lingerie.

Forget forget feeling good about myself.

Forget hairspray.

Forget shaving my legs past the knee.

Welcome to my world: pony tails, spanx and 40 extra pounds around my waist.

Hello saggy boobs, hello short fingernails and hello to you, dark circles under my eyes.

But this must end. And N.O.W.

Yesterday I cut my hair off and highlighted the mousy brown right out of my system. I have worn make-up for past three days.

I vow not to go to Wal-Mart in my pjs (unless it's Monday which is my off day) and I will not wear my hair in my {in}famous Bam Bam Flintstone style out in public.

This is the Revitalization of Me.

I am going to lose this weight. I am going to eat healthy{ier}. I am going to be a beautiful mom.


  1. you go girlie!! i sooooo strive to do this myself. i do wear the makeup, but dang the hair...i wear it in a pony tail everyday and hate it. plus, i have around 100 lbs i need to lose, but no inspiration or want to. it's easier being fat, but man, i want to be small again!

  2. It is easier to just put on bigger clothes to mask it and then to grow into the bigger clothes. It's much easier. We'll do this together! You game?

  3. You go girl! I am that person myself. It's hard, especially when I don't leave the house many days except to pick up or drop off Abby at school. I do plan to get back into the exercise groove and start back on Weight Watchers, hopefully by March. I feel like poo alot and I know it's because I need to lose weight!