Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The Purge

Lunch today? Sonic. A diet coke, jr. burger (mayo, ketchup and tomato) and a banana. I have started leaving a bag of pretzels at my desk just in case I need a little tiding over until dinner. (Like now.)

The title of today's blog: The Purge. Sunday night I purged our kitchen. I removed all canned vegetables, all desert mixes, lasagna noodles, jiffy mix, milk straws, marshmallows. I then moved to the fridge. Out goes tortellini noodles and corned beef. Bye-bye to the ice creams, popsicles, cream cheese icing, almond bard, chocolate, Tony's pizzas and microwave dinners.

I felt poor as a pauper when I finished. Left in the freezer were Mike's pizza rolls he takes to work, turkey bacon, bags of frozen veggies and Caden's fries and dinosaur shaped chicken nuggets.

Last night I baked a full (small) chicken. I then sauted squash with a few onions. It was sauteed in 2T of butter and later I added a small amount of water to help steam the veggies. It end result was essentially the same as what adding more butter would have done, but it was healthier.

We have switched to canola oil. We ridded our pantry of all canned veggies. Why? Because fresh and frozen contain more nutrients than canned. And most times, you can get frozen veggies cheaper and with more servings.

It's a matter of picking the right choice. Eat This and Not That says that you don't have to give up what you like, just make the right decisions. And it's not always a matter of fat or calories. It's sugar and fiber and sodium. Many of your lower calorier/lower fat foods contain an outrageous amount of sodium to make up for the lack of the other.

Tonight is aerobis and I am really looking forward to it. I had to miss last night and missed it! Tomorrow is another day that I won't be able to walk without groaning, but at least I'm doing something to make myself healthier!

Remember, this is not a three-step process! It's not something that will happen tomorrow or the day after! This is a lifetime commitment. And I am excited about it. Can you tell? ;)

Tonight's menu: a breakfast sandwich. Smoked turkey, fried egg, melted cheese, guacamole, tomoato all on a slightly toasted english muffin. Simple. And good.


  1. Love this post Lori!! So PROUD OF YOU! YOU HAVE NO IDEA!...Sorry for being late on sending the magazine...I had a bit of a set back with a kidney stone...ugh...

    Question...did you donate the food to a food bank or trash it?

  2. glad to see your blog...it inspired me to keep on moving and be more food aware today! thanks! keep up the good work!

    Dawn R

  3. Robin, I gave them to certain family members that I knew would like certain foods! One being my sister who can eat all the calories she wants and still look good!